Large Number 8 Shaped Foil Balloon Gold 34"



Product description:

This large shaped foil number balloon is perfect when you want to celebrate a landmark birthday, an anniversary or even a promotional event for a business. Available in blue, pink, gold, silver and rose gold.  

Features and specs:

  • This 34" version is suitable for helium or air inflation.
  • Helium filled 34" versions should last approx. one week in normal room temperature.
  • Air filled versions should last weeks in normal room temperature.
  • Balloon is shaped into a numerical number design.

Great for people who:

Wish to celebrate a landmark birthday in a stylish colour scheme.

Top tip:

If air filling these balloons, use the handy tabs on top of the balloon to create a garland or banner effect. Catgut or fishing line is best, as it is almost invisible, but balloon ribbon will work just as well. If you're feeling really creative, these large number foil balloons look fantastic on top of a balloon column. Numbers can be used to mark not only birthdays, but a whole variety of occasions like anniversaries, dates, commemorations and lots more.