Qualatex Balloon Pump




product description

Qualatex produce some of the best party products available, and this hand pump is no different. Both home based decorators and professional balloon artists always need a good handpump in their toolbox. This one pumps air on both the 'in' and 'out' cycle, so it is twice as efficient as most handpumps.

features and specs

  • pumps air twice as fast as an ordinary hand pump
  • not suitable for blowing large amounts of balloons
  • these inflators are perfect for making small centrepiece designs
  • suitable for inflating latex, rubber or foil balloons

great for people who

need to inflate a smaller amount of balloons. If you plan to fill more than a dozen or two at any one time though, it might be better to look at our other more powerful models

top tip

  • remember air filled balloons will last a week or more under normal conditions, so plan ahead!