We want to do our bit when it comes to protecting the environment. The principle we follow is a simple one: reduce, reuse & recycle.

By following this principle, and applying it to everything we do, we will have less of an impact on our planet.

Did you know that good quality latex, or rubber balloons, are a natural product, and are 100% biodegradable? Incredible but true!

Natural latex is harvested from rubber trees, in a similar way to maple syrup. A cut is made in the side of the tree, and a small bucket is tied underneath the cut. Natural latex then drips into the bucket, and is collected by the farmer. This can be done without harming the tree at all, and is completely sustainable.

When it comes to foil balloons, plastic and paper, we only use established suppliers with firm environmental policies. We do not use poor quality products with questionable materials.

Our approach is to supply our customers with a quality product at a reasonable price. Remember, if a product is too cheap, there is usually a good reason. We believe it is much better for us, our customers and the environment, to provide quality and sustainability as much as possible.

We would encourage all our customers to reuse whatever they purchase from us, as much as possible. Balloon weights, for example, can be reused time and time again.

Pure helium is used mainly as a coolant in the medical, aerospace and technology sectors. The balloon gas used by the party industry uses a by-product of pure helium.  

If you think you have an idea how we can further reduce our environmental footprint, please let us know.