Helium Filling Service

As well as selling disposable helium tanks in our shop (click here), we also offer a helium filling service for balloons purchased elsewhere.

Prices start at €2.00 per fill for an 11"/27cm latex balloon. However, the larger the balloon is, the more helium it requires, so prices will vary accordingly.

Due to the variety of sizes and designs available, It is usually not possible to quote over the phone, but if you drop into our shop, we'll be happy to help.

A few things to consider when purchasing balloons elsewhere:

  • Beware of cheap quality balloons sold on marketplace platforms. They are often bad quality, do not meet EU safety standards, are not fire retardant and in some cases even contain toxic materials.
  • Always check for legitimate CE marks.
  • Float times may be inferior, and your balloons may not last as long as you wish. Some may not float at all.
At Kimmage Party Shop:
  • Our latex balloons are made from biodegradable natural latex (click here for more information).
  • All our products carry CE marks (click here for more information), and are sourced from the best and safest suppliers in the industry.
  • Our helium filled latex balloons will last a minimum of 18 hours, but in most cases 2-3 days.*
  • Our helium filled foil balloons will last a minimum of 3-4 days, but in most cases up to a week. Certain types can last much longer!*

We're here to help if you need any advice.

*With due care. Keep at room temperature. Do not store in cars or sheds overnight. Do not store in very warm cars for extended periods of time. Where possible, keep away from radiators, intense direct sunlight and sharp objects.