Gold Latex Balloons - 12" Sempertex 970 Reflex



Product description:

NEW PRODUCT. These 12" balloons are perfect for simple inflation or for use on more elaborate builds.  

Features and specs:  

  • Made with 100% natural latex, these balloons are also biodegradable.
  • Extra shiny finish, balloons resemble actual metal when inflated. 
  • These latex, or rubber balloons are suitable for air or helium inflation.
  • Can be inflated any size up to 12 inch.
  • Solid colour round balloon.
  • Ideal for building columns, arches and garlands.
  • A great balloon for professional decorators or home enthusiasts.

Great for people who:

Need a good quality balloon for simple or complex designs.

Top tip:

To make the balloon more durable when air filling, slightly over-inflate the balloon, then let a little air out. That way the balloon will stretch, and will be less likely to burst.